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From the Principal

The Saint Marcellin Champagnat Bursary Fund

Message from Marcellin College Principal and Foundation Director, Mr Mark Murphy

Often in the morning I gaze out of my office window watching as our school wakes up. It starts with one boy being dropped off early, maybe because one of his parents has a work commitment. The boy wanders around a little aimlessly until a second boy arrives, then a tennis ball is produced and the downball begins. Others arrive and join the game, or stand in groups talking about homework they have or haven’t completed or whose footy team is going to thrash whose on Saturday. Sometimes I will wander among them to offer my own greetings for the day. There is always an overwhelming sense of friendship, community, warmth and inclusion that emanates from them as they smile and say g’day.

I often think how different these boys are, their backgrounds, their experience, their struggles and their joys, their hopes and their dreams. I often think too about how well Marcellin caters for the diverse needs of each one of them. We know that each boy at Marcellin presents with different needs; these may be in the area of learning, some may have physical difficulties, some social needs and others emotional needs. One need which is not often spoken about is the financial need of boys and their families. To us at Marcellin, these are no different to any other issues or concerns a family may have. We do not discriminate between needs. Instead, we do all we can to meet the individual needs of boys to enable them to access all the College has to offer, as they Strive for the Highest with Virtue and Courage.

To this end Marcellin provides support to families through the provision of the Marcellin Champagnat Bursary Fund. This fund is founded on the principle that it never has, or will be, the College’s desire that parents reach the point of financial distress to meet the cost of sending their boys to Marcellin. The fund assists with the affordability of tuition fees, with eligibility based on financial circumstance.

The primary aim of the Marcellin College Foundation is to support the Champagnat Bursary Fund. I recommend this opportunity to you as a way of supporting young men to receive a Marcellin education.

Mark Murphy