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About the Marcellin College Foundation

Message from Marcellin College Foundation Director
Chris Mirabella (OC 1981)

If you have been following our progress over the past four years, you will know that the establishment of the Marcellin Foundation has been a collaborative effort. The combined support of our Old Collegians, current families, clubs and coteries has been the major driving force to get to where we are now.

Since 1950, the Marcellin family has thrived thanks to the enduring efforts of wonderful volunteers and the extraordinary energy they have brought to the College. It is a rich legacy, something that we in the Foundation Office are all too fully aware and, desperately keen to respect as we focus our philanthropic efforts.

As the Foundation office is the first dedicated resource of its kind in our 68 year history, it is vital that we maintain the trust of everyone in our community.

So as we now embark on the next stage of our journey, I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone for your input, support and best wishes.

If you are reading about the Foundation for the first time, here is a recap. 

What is Marcellin Foundation all about?

The Foundation was established with the purpose of raising funds to support the College's Bursary program.

What is the College Bursary Program?

The College's Bursary program provides financial support in the form of fee relief to those Marcellin families who are the most in need. The Foundation will give opportunities for families to enrol their sons at Marcellin, who without the support of the program, would not otherwise be in a position to do so.

How will the Foundation achieve its goals?

Old Collegian John Zika addressing the Canterbury Roaders Luncheon

Old Collegian John Zika addressing the Canterbury Roaders Luncheon

By building strong and enduring networks with all the respective coteries in our community, we believe this will translate into strong philanthropic support.  In practical terms, the Foundation has been established with a team of three staff.  Our office is in Rivat House which is located at the College. Amongst other things, we organise events, fund-raisers, reunions and other occasions as the need arises. We support the various volunteer groups and coteries in achieving their goals. Groups such as the Parents & Friends (MCCA), Business Network, Canterbury Roaders, Friends of Performing Arts, Past and Present Mums, Football, Rugby, Soccer and Cricket. We engage our incoming Year 7 families to ensure they feel welcome and that their Marcellin Community journey starts then, and not when their son graduates in Year 12. Communications are an important part of what we do and as well as this website and others, we embrace all the various social media platforms to maintain the Marcellin story. We also publish a bi-annual Newsletter.

What about the legal structure - what is the Marcellin College Foundation Ltd?  

Marcellin College Foundation Limited is a public company limited by guarantee. This means it doesn't have shareholders in the traditional sense. It has members instead. The liability of the members is limited to the amount they guarantee to pay in the event they are called upon. This is a nominal amount. This structure is common to philanthropic and not for profit organisations in Australia. Our Board of Directors (currently six) are accountable to the members and must execute the objectives of the Company as outlined in its Constitution. The Company is overseen by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Australian Not for Profits Commission (ACNC).      

What is the St. Marcellin Champagnat Bursary Fund?

Past and Present mums have a wonderful presence in the Marcellin Community. Here Joan McLachlan (l) and Denise Gartner enjoying the annual Past & Present Mums Luncheon

Past and Present mums have a wonderful presence in the Marcellin Community. Here Joan McLachlan (l) and Denise Gartner enjoying the annual Past & Present Mums Luncheon

The St Marcellin Champagnat Bursary Fund is a trust. Marcellin College Foundation Ltd is the trustee of this trust. The objects of the trust are outlined in an written, executed Trust Deed. It is the vehicle for which Tax Deductible donations are received and applied in accordance with those objects. The Trust Deed has been approved for tax concession status by the Australian Taxation Office, (ATO) which amongst other things, means that donations to this fund are fully tax deductible. The reason for the separation of the company and the trust is that it allows us to be specific in our work and meet the rigid guidelines for running a Charity that has ATO tax concession status. So, for example, the monies raised in our fundraising activities for the Bursary Fund can ONLY be applied for their intended purpose - which is to provide financial support to prospective Marcellin students. Monies CANNOT be applied to capital works for example. In time, the Board of Directors may want to establish a Fund for other purposes, in which case there will be separate trusts established - but for now and the immediate future, its the Bursary Fund that we believe has the most merit for our philanthropic efforts.

Old Collegians Marcus Bontempelli (L) and Andy Spinosa enjoying the Marcellin friends of Marcellin Football luncheon

Old Collegians Marcus Bontempelli (L) and Andy Spinosa enjoying the Marcellin friends of Marcellin Football luncheon

How can I support the Foundation?

There are several ways to do this. The first and most direct is to make a monetary contribution to the fund. Donations to the St Marcellin Champagnat Bursary Fund are tax deductible. Another way is to get more immersed in our community; either by attending our various functions (including reunions), or even provide us with a Marcellin story that you think needs sharing. For example if you are a lapsed Old Collegians sporting club member, you may want to take out a social membership, or attend a few games and join their social functions. You may be an employer and be able to take on one of our Year 9 students for their work experience week. Or you could join our Business Network and bring some colleagues. For our part, we will endeavour to keep the information flowing so you can be across all the events that are happening in our community.

What we will not do

Any personal information you supply us will only be used for the purposes of the Foundation. We will not sell or 'loan' this data to advertisers or any other third-parties. We will be using advertising in some of our materials as a means of supporting our initiatives. In time we will filter our communications lists to ensure you will only receive Marcellin-related material that interests you. We do endeavour to do that now but it is an inexact science sometimes! At the moment we are working hard to consolidate the information we have collected over the years (my connection with MOCA goes back to 1999!) into one definitive source.