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The Johnston Collection June 2016

A group of Marcellin's Past and Present Mothers met at The Pullman on the Park on a crisp Tuesday morning in June to be collected by mini-bus for a tour of Hecker Guthrie rearranges William Johnston's Collection.

The Johnston Collection is an historic townhouse in East Melbourne filled with William Johnston's amazing collection of antiques, artwork and collectables.  Three times a year, the collection is "rearranged" and our group were fortunate to enjoy the arrangement of Paul Hecker and Hamish Guthrie, of Hecker Guthrie, a most respected Melbourne interior design studio.  The tour led by Anne, was incredibly informative, and there was nothing she didn't know about the hundreds of antiques and collectables that were on display.

All of the ladies present had a lovely morning and thoroughly enjoyed this fascinating collection.  On return to The Pullman, they met for a coffee, de-brief and starting planning where the next event.  Stay tuned...